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Educational Courses from Acupuncture Masterclass

Point Location Mastery Online Course

You’ve got your TCM diagnosis – now what!?  If you struggle with Acupuncture point selection and are looking for a system to help refine your point choice, this course is exactly what you need.  This course has launched and is ready to go!

The Top 40 Acupuncture Points - Live Workshop

This is Drew’s flagship course – performed live in Toronto to a small group to ensure maximum attention to each attendee.  If you need a location review of the most popular points in Acupuncture – this course is for you.

TCM Case Studies - Webinars!

If you are nearing the end of your Acupuncture education, you definitely love CASE STUDIES!  That’s why we have started working on live case study webinars.   If you are interested in participating, sign up below to get your name on the list of the next webinar.