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Live Toronto Workshops

Work with Drew in a small classroom setting on a variety of helpful acupuncture topics. For students and new grads who want to get better at point location, point selection and TCM diagnoses.

The Next “Top 40” Workshop is in February!

Acupuncture Masterclass Online!

View Drew’s online courses and FREE videos and improve your acupuncture skills from the comfort of home.

 Take the “Top 40” Acupuncture Points Workshop & Boost Your Acu-Confidence!

Don’t Let a Lack of Confidence Get in the Way of Your Dream Practice

Learn the location of the 40 most commonly used acupuncture points in clinical practice

Discover the most common reasons why each point is used in a clinical setting

Compare and contrast adjacent points to better recognize how points relate to each other

Recognize the most common point combinations for specific diagnoses

Apply all of Drew’s secret tips and tricks for the points you’ve always had difficulty with...and much more!

Targeted Learning

Learn exactly what you need to know to succeed!  Let Drew show you the best ways to find important points and discover which points are best to use  –  giving you better clinical outcomes.

Small Class Sizes

 Workshops class sizes are limited so you get all the one one one attention you need to succeed – Drew will take the time to answer all of your questions.

Love Your Practice

As a more efficient acupuncture provider, you will enjoy your practice to its fullest.  Acupuncture Masterclass workshops are for students and new graduates!

Gain Condidence

Once you have completed the workshop, your confidence will skyrocket!  A more confident Acupuncturist is a more effective and safer Acupuncture provider.  

Who Are the Acupuncture Masterclasses For?

If you are a student  of any Acupuncture program and are interested in learning all the tips and tricks a 10 year Acupuncture educator has to offer, Acupuncture Masterclass is for you.  Get started on the right foot with your acupuncture education and be the best Acupuncturist you can be!

Ideal for Naturopaths, TCM students, Chiropractors and all Acupuncturists looking to improve their Acupuncture skills. 


Do you struggle with point location?

Are you consistently finding points incorrectly?  Drew has seen many early acupuncture students struggle with the basics of point location and has tricks and tips to make the process easy and fun!  More importantly, you will find  important points more accurately – making for better clinical outcomes.

Do you have trouble deciding which points to choose?

Many students and early grads complain that they do not know which points are best used for a particular TCM diagnosis.  Drew has courses and workshops which make it easy to figure out which points are best used for any TCM diagnosis.

Does TCM theory still confuse you?

Is the patient dealing with an excess or deficiency concern…or both?  Perhaps you are still having issues recalling the functions of the TCM organs?  If you cannot diagnose properly, your treatment plan will suffer.  Master your TCM diagnosis with Acupuncture Masterclass!

Do you feel that you're falling behind your peers in your Acupuncture program?

Much of the content on Acupuncture Masterclass is specifically chosen for the struggling acupuncture student.  With over a decade of experience in the acupuncture education field, Drew strives to make the difficult – doable.  From point location to TCM diagnosis.

Are you worried you won't be a good enough Acupuncturist?

Gain the confidence you need to be an outstanding acupuncturist by better understanding some of the key concepts surrounding point location and selection.  Know more than your peers and watch your confidence soar!

About Drew

Drew may not have been born a teacher but a little encouragement from a close friend got him out of his comfort zone and into the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

As a teaching assistant for over 10 years, Drew has honed his acupuncture point location skills.  He’s now excited to share his knowledge with acupuncture students from all walks of life. 

Acupuncture Masterclass started out as a request from a Naturopathic colleague and is now evolving into an online database of tips and info for those learning acupuncture.  Ideal for early acupuncture students to new graduates looking to improve their skills. 

Drew is still in clinic practice in Toronto Ontario and holds live workshops when he can.  As Toronto’s “Top Acupuncturist” 6 years running (as determined by the Top Choice Awards), Drew still maintains a busy clinical practice helping clients from all backgrounds.


“Taking Drew’s Top 40 acupuncture class was a great way to boost my confidence regarding point selection and location.  Drew’s kind personality combined with his precise and confident teaching style made this class exceptional. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to sharpen up their Asian Medicine point location and selection skills. Thank you, Drew”!
-Toronto ND, Emily

 “I can’t say enough good things ….Drew is a professional and caring acupuncturist. He teaches acupuncture in a way that gives you confidence to excel in the field. His teaching style is fun and interactive, while providing knowledge and skills that are essential to performing acupuncture successfully. Drew is always willing to help and shares his experiences openly, which has helped me stay focused, up to date, and less stressed about practicing acupuncture. I highly recommend taking Drew’s courses and I will continue to take anything he teaches in the near future.” 

– Monika – 2nd year ND student and Acupuncture student 

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Drew’s “Top 40 Acupuncture Points” workshop is located at his clinic on one of the fastest growing parts of the Danforth in Toronto Canada.  

Workshops are put on every other month depending on the level of interest.

If you and some colleagues wish to do the workshop together, please contact Drew to let him know and he will do his best to accommodate your group.

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