Clear Heat from Everywhere!

A very popular point, LI11 should be easily remembered as a point that universally clears heat – any type of heat from any pathology.  So, that can be heat from deficiency or excess and from any organ.  This unique property makes LI11 a very popular point.

Great for the Skin

Another important area to remember LI11 for is for any skin related issues.  Eczema, urticaria, rashes, skin dryness and itchiness can all be treated with LI11 and it should be one of the main points to consider for most skin problems.

Location of LI-11

Location is easy and straightforward and you have two different location methods.

The most common method is to simply fully flex the arm and locate LI11 on the lateral edge of the cubital crease.  Easiest point you will ever find!

However, what if you already have other points in the hand and arm?  You can’t be moving the arm around when needles are already in.  So, I find myself using this second method of location much more often.

The “Other” Location Technique

Locate the lateral epicondyle and the lateral side of the bicep tendon on the cubital crease (aka Lung 5).  Once you have both of those landmarks, find the midpoint and you will be right on LI11 – no movement of the arm is necessary!

Common Mistakes with LI-11

Even though LI11 is one of the easier points to locate, common mistakes still happen.  The one I see the most is that people tend to locate LI11 midway between the lateral epicondyle and the lateral edge of the cubital crease when the arm is fully flexed.  This puts LI11 too lateral.  It might be a good point for lateral epicondylitis but you won’t be on the acupuncture point, LI11.