Acupuncture Masterclass Videos


How to Open Your First Needle

Attention first time needlers!  If you are just getting started with your acupuncture education and are about to start your first practical class, check out this video to see how to open an acupuncture needle package. 


Know Your Needle Numbers

Are you just getting started with acupuncture?  Knowing your gauges and lengths early on in your acupuncture education will keep you from fumbling over which needles to choose and will make you a better acupuncturist!


Acupuncture & Pneumothorax

A safety video for Acupuncturists of all levels!  Find out which point is most commonly associated with pneumothorax and how to needle it.  Don’t let a pneumothorax happen in your practice.


Special Needling Techniques

Not all Acupuncture needles are inserted the exact same way.  Want to know how to insert your needles with less pain?  How about achieving better clinical outcomes?   You need to know these special needling techniques!  


The #1 Reason Why Acupuncture is Painful

Here is my #1 tip to be a better Acupuncturist!  Students are guilty of this issue all the time and it’s an important hurdle to overcome.  Watch to find out more!


You're Finding That Point All Wrong! LI4

The first video in my “You’re Finding That Point All Wrong” series!  In this first take, we are looking at Large Intestine 4 and all the incorrect ways people like to find it.  Locating correctly will give you better clinical outcomes!


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Frustrated With Your Acupuncture Progress?

Are you struggling with your Acupuncture point location?  Do you feel you’re falling behind your fellow students and peers?


Frustrations can run high when you’re falling behind in your acupuncture education.  At, we totally get it...learning acupuncture is difficult. 

Acupuncture Masterclass has been developed by award winning Toronto Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, Drew Nesbitt.

Drew has been practicing acupuncture and TCM for over 17 years and has been involved in acupuncture education for over 10 years at the CCNM in the Asian Medicine department.  He’s helped 1000’s of students better understand the basics of TCM and Acupuncture.

If you want to get back on track with your acupuncture education, get started with Drew’s Workshop – The Top 40 Points.  This workshop is currently offered live, in the city of Toronto.  If you want help with point location, point selection and are interested to see which 40 points made the list – sign up today! 

Do any of these statements sound familiar?


“Choosing the right acupuncture points seems totally random to me.”

“I worry that I won’t be a successful acupuncturist once I’ve graduated.”

“I’m concerned about my clinical internship…I just don’t think I am ready.

Needling is scary to me…I’m told I never go deep enough but I’m afraid I might hurt someone.”

“Creating a TCM diagnosis is so difficult, I always seem to struggle with this.”

“Names for anatomy seem similar but TCM organs have completely different functions, it gets confusing.”

“The language used in TCM is not what I’m used to…I’m a science person and it makes no sense.” 

If you feel any of the pressures outlined above  – can help.

Acupuncture Masterclass Series 1.0 – The Top 40 Acupuncture Points

There are over 400 acupuncture points; however, most acupuncturists typically use 40 points or less!  Find out which points are the most commonly used – how to locate them – and when it’s best to use them.

Drew’s Masterclass is perfect for those looking to improve on their acupuncture point location confidence.  Ideal for those who struggled in acupuncture location class or for those who are simply interested in a clinically relevant review.  

This is a hands-on workshop where you will work on other participants to demonstrate your acupuncture location skills.  No needling is performed in this workshop.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

    • Demonstrate the location of the 40 most commonly used acupuncture points in clinical practice
    • Explain the most common reasons why each point is used in a clinical setting – actions and indications
    • Compare and contrast adjacent points to better recognize how points relate to each other
    • Recognize the most common point combinations for specific points
    • Identify important contraindications and anatomy of concern for relevant points
    • Observe the most commonly made location errors and how to avoid them
    • Apply all of Drew’s secret tips and tricks for the points you’ve always had difficulty with
    • Get a chance to ask Drew about points which have always been difficult for you