The Year I Workshop - Master the Basics - 3 hours

Perfect for those who are in the middle or have recently completed their first year of practical Acupuncture education. 

Only 10 students per workshop!

Things You Will Learn in this Workshop


Aimed at reducing any fears you have with the needling process, including poor depth, anatomy anxiety and patient sensitivity.

  • Learn the basics of patient setup prior to needling – guaranteeing a more comfortable needling experience from your patient.
  • A clear and concise Clean Needle Technique review – never fail an exam because of CNT again!
  • Observe and demonstrate the basics of a one and two handed tap – you’ll need this skill in the future for sure.
  • Learn and demonstrate special techniques for a more comfortable needling experience for your patient (i.e. the art of distraction, insertion speed, doctor positioning etc.).
  • Compare and contrast perpendicular vs oblique insertion and when it is most appropriate to do so.
  • And so much more!


You can’t find points correctly if you don’t know how to palpate!  All of the workshops have a strong anatomical palpation review.

  • We will review how to properly palpate important anatomical landmarks for better point location (wrist, shoulder, scapula, C7 etc.).


Practise makes perfect.  You may have needled these in class but that does not make you an expert quite yet.

  • We will review and needle points from the Large Intestine, Lung, Heart, Small Intestine and Triple Warmer meridians.

Locating and needling these points will be required for the successful completion of this workshop. 


Something extra that you won’t get anywhere else!

  • Drew shares his most clinically powerful points from the meridians listed above – these are points that you cannot do without in practise!  All reviewed POWER POINTS are from his popular online course – ACUPUNCTURE POINT SELECTION MASTERY


  • You will have plenty of time to ask questions when Drew opens up the floor to the attendees to ask him anything about problems they are having with any aspect of Acupuncture location or needling.  Not sure how to find a point I didn’t cover?  We can review that!  Worried about needling a particular area of the body?  I can help you feel more confident with that!
  • You will be encouraged to come to the workshop with problems you’re having.  You won’t be the only one to have this problem – the whole group will benefit after going through these issues.